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IAFP 29th Annual Conference Bilbao



BILBAO 23 – 25 APRIL 2020


The inspiration for this conference title and theme came from a forensic patient who had been violent towards his mother and who in his final session with his female therapist used the parapraxis ‘gendercide’ when he meant genocide. The therapist interpreted this to mean that, if the patient annihilated gender, and all women in his mind, then perhaps he would no longer feel split between loving and hating his mother, his unavailable, distant father, or the division within himself and his confused feelings around sexuality and an abandoning therapist as the therapy ended.

The word gender has been reinterpreted and reinvented many times in the last few decades and there has been an increasing interest in gender based violence and gender directed violence across the world. There have recently been landmark changes in the law in various parts of Europe, including Spain and in this conference we would like to explore this and other themes related to violence which can be understood as being directed towards “gender”.

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